Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Better Bench

I'm pretty sure the wood was once part of a battle ship that fought in the American Revolution, and the nails were from 1860 (at least). Under that water-stained material was a floor rug from the 1960s (based on the colors maybe even 1950s). But alas, here it is... my refinished bench seat for my dresser! (The bench itself is a project for another day.)



The bench once belonged to my great-grandmother Louise. (The dresser my grandparents bought when my mom was young.) Both have been sitting in my grandparents' storage shed since I was a little girl. (I wanted it so badly I made them store it for years.) The dresser matches/matched the chest of drawers I refinished before moving from Atlanta back to Birmingham in April. [Note to self: Look for before pictures of that so you can show the improvement!] One day down the road, I'll refinish the dresser too, but for now it's a beautiful avocado green with gold antiquing. :)

To update, I purchased hobby foam at Hobby Lobby, 2 pieces at $2.99 each. The material (which I love just as much as the great stuff from is also from Hobby Lobby. It was 30% off, so for a yard I paid only $4.19. I still have half a yard for another project!

All in all, a great facelift and for only $10!

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