Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time gets away...

Friends and fellow crafters,

I cannot believe it's been nine months since I last posted. A few of you sweet ladies have sent me messages in the down time to see what's been going on and where I disappeared to. (And a thank you to my roommate and grandmother who check occasionally to see if I've updated, only to remind me that I haven't updated, still.)

First, I should say that around the time of my last post, my grandfather fell very ill and passed away. Losing someone can refocus your mind and sometimes, as in my case, suck (for lack of a better word) the creativity out of you. My Papa Jack meant the world to me, and after his death, I spent a good deal of time with family and friends enjoying their company. That left me with less time to create and craft.

I started a new job in the early part of 2011, and adjusting to it has been a full-time job. I've also taken on several projects helping friends with freelance projects and research, so much of my down time has been dedicated to that.

All of this to say, I still love to create. craft. and dream. I have realized, however, that I was letting the need to constantly update and craft overwhelm me. I got to the point where the drive to have something new every day was driving me (and my roommate) insane.

So here's why I'm updating: I want to come back to crafting and creating.

You all were so amazing to me and so supportive of my creations, and I cannot wait to start sharing and connecting with you all again. So it may not be today, or tomorrow, but in the coming days, I will start sharing again.

I hope you'll stick around with me.

My family at my brother's Memory Day. He graduated from high school in May!

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