Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devilish Delights

Too cute not to try at your Halloween party.
Vampire Blood Tomato Soup from Food Network

Check out the Black Widow Martini from Hostess with the Mostess. It's made with Blavod black vodka. That itself looks scary to drink!

My senior year of high school, we had to present a book report on Frankenstein in AP English. As part of our presentation, we made eery treats, including eyeball donuts. We used mini powdered sugar donuts, gummi Lifesavers, red icing/gel, and chocolate chips. Put the Lifesaver on top (for the colored part of the eye), place a chocolate chip in the center (for the pupil), use the red gel (for veins). It's creepy but oh so easy! This idea is originally from my mom, but I went out searching for someone else who has done it and ran across Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade magazine. Take a look at the Creepy Crunchy Doughnut Eyeballs.

(From FoodNetwork.com)
(From HostesswiththeMostess.com)
(From SemiHomemade.com)

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