Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Greetings

I always find myself itching to send greeting cards to friends and family. But instead of buying boxed cards this year, I wanted to make my own--put my own unique twist on them--and be creative. So I tried to do a combo Halloween-Valentine's Day card. A love scare, if you will. Armed with some scrapbooking materials, a huge box of notecards, some glue, and glitter, I made my attempt. Sure, a kid might have made these by the looks of them, but with a little creativity, my simple steps and some amazing punches from Martha Stewart, you could make your own personalized, spook-tacular Halloween greetings!

1. Find some notecards and matching envelopes. Check Hobby Lobby and Michael's. They usually have a great variety of colors and often discount packs.

2. Pick your notecard. An eery purple was my first choice.

3. Using stickers, punches, or cutouts, arrange the card any way you like it. Glue all items down using a glue stick or spray adhesive.

4. For added punch, spell one of your words in glue and cover with glitter. Once the glue has dried, shake off the excess glitter. [Hint: I used a small, clean paint brush to brush away any glitter that stuck to the card.]

5. Finally, address the envelope, put a stamp on it, and send your love-scare to your Halloween-tine. :)

You are be-WITCH-ing!

There's no bones about it; you're the best!

You look delicious! (This vampire only wants candy, not your blood.)

You are spooktacular!

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