Thursday, December 3, 2009

Start a Tradition

When I was young, my mother started a tradition that I've only recently begun to appreciate. Each year, we would get a new ornament. Some years it would have the year; some it would just be something that captured our year. (For example, last year she gave me a little mouse on a boat, exploring the world, so I would remember my adventure taking my then 16-year-old brother to London by myself.) Now that I'm old (read: 25), I have 25 years' worth of ornaments for my tree (instead of starting with nothing).

So this year, I encourage you to start this same tradition with some young person in your family. It doesn't have to be their only present from you (because, come on, then you won't be the cool aunt), but it will be something for which they eventually will want to thank you. (Thanks, Mom.)

Some ornaments I love this year

Wedgwood Snowflake Ornament (available on Bed Bath & Beyond's web site)

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