Friday, December 18, 2009


I always think I'll remember whose gift is whose. I mean, while I'm wrapping it, it's oh-so-clear this gift is Laura's. And then they all start to look the same a few days later...

Forget the basic stick-on tags. This year, make (or find) some great gift tags!

I love these Eco-Friendly Candy Cane Striped Gift Tags from Pepperberry Papers, a local stationery company.

Instead of writing her name, how about showing her face? Use a picture of the lucky gift recipient (or how about laminating one of the two of you so she can keep it long term?) as the tag. See instructions here.

My friend Lauren over at Lauren Makes has kindly offered up a freebie print-out of some great tags! I adore all her ideas! Click here to get it.

I totally heart these printable Christmas tags from Tricia-Rennea. Print these out on cardstock, and they make great tags!

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