Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wreath Round-up

Since I have my very own front door this year, I'm trying to gather ideas for my very first wreath. I don't want anything too intricate (I don't have the patience) or anything too expensive (I don't have the money). Nothing too young (I'm getting older) but nothing too stuffy (I'm only 25).

Here, some of my favorites from around the web

I really love the classic elegance of the Jingle Bell Wreath from Martha Stewart. Upside: Won't get damaged in storage. Downside: That's a lot of ringing bells...

All of the Eco-Friendly Christmas Wreaths from Good Housekeeping are adorable. Other than the ties (which is probably my favorite of all their ideas), I have most of these items lying around my house. Upside: Inexpensive for most of these. Downside: I don't have much time to mess up and try again.

Lastly, this adorable Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers by ArtfulHandsStudios on Etsy is too cute for wards. It's Christmas-y without being over the top. Upside: It's already made. Downside: I need a wreath tomorrow.

See what wreath I made here.

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