Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cupcake Carnival: Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Cupcakes tell me more about a city than anything else. My travels aren't complete without a cupcake. So since I go to Atlanta a lot, I have a lot of cupcake places to scope out. (And I should probably start walking to and from just to burn off all the calories I consume in my quests.) :>

One weekend, my journey led me to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory. Well, actually, the journey led me in a lot of places that weren't ACF before I finally stumbled on it. :) [[Tip: Get directions before thinking you can "figure it out."]]

So here we are... The Atlanta Cupcake Factory! A mom-and-pop slice of cupcake heaven.

It's a tee-tiny little precious store located at the end of Highland Row in the Virginia-Highlands part of town. I loved the vintage clothing store a few doors down. Don't plan on spending the afternoon in the store, taking in the neighborhood scene. There's really no where to sit. That table out front is all the seating, and you can see the people lined up inside to buy cupcakes.

I went in for 2 cupcakes. I came out with 6. How does that always happen to me??? :) [[Also: sorry for the picture quality. This was during the Great Computer/Camera Crash of 2010.]]

This is their Chocolate/Chocolate cupcake. Divine in all ways. Right amount of frosting to cake.

This little joy is what I'd go back for in a heartbeat... The Sugar Cookie Cupcake with Salted Caramel Frosting. What's that you say?! Salted Caramel?! Yeah, seriously. I'm totally into this salty/sweet thing on cupcakes now.

Look at that heaping scoop of Oreo Frosting on the Chocolate Cupcake! You might think, "Boy, that's a lot of frosting!" And you'd be wrong. It was perfect. And I'm not even a real fan of Oreos!

This one was the very-close-second in the race to the best at ACF. Strawberry Cupcake with (what I think is) Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting. I just remember biting into this cupcake, with the perfect blend of cake and frosting, and thinking to myself, "This cupcake could bring world peace."

For all you Southern red velvet fans, here is your Red Velvet Cupcake. Everything you'd expect from a perfect red velvet.

Perfect in pink Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting. I'm a yellow cake with chocolate frosting kind of girl, but this might have converted me. Well, maybe not. But it was yummy for sure!

Now next time I go, I'm hoping for some of their other flavors... like Sugar Cookie Cupcake with Vanilla/Pineapple Frosting and Banana Cupcake with Brown Sugar Frosting. Gimme! Gimme! And maybe a Chocolate Cupcake with Guinness Frosting for the manfolk?



Erin said...

Wow! That just made me SO hungry!

Life in Rehab said...

Wait....a whole blog about cupcakes??? This is fantastic! I'm totally doing the cupcakes in Mason jars for my daughter's field trip sweet 16!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Oh my.... my mouth is watering. I feel like unbuttoning my top button already. ;)

Amber Randell said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Now since you see the tutorial you can know exactly what to do and you can make the project yourself. BTW your blog is just a tasty treat.

-Amber Randell


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