Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cupcake Carnival: Erin from Lucky Star Lane

Hello! I'm Erin from Lucky Star Lane and I'm a guest today on Attempting Creative. I love cupcakes and one of my weaknesses is collecting craft supplies. There are some really cute cupcake themed fabrics out there. The fabrics shown in the flower above are from Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman. I've also found ribbon, stickers, paper, buttons, patches, wood cutouts, felt embellishments.....hmmmm have I left anything out??

This was my first attempt doing an appliqued design with my embroidery machine. Think of all the fabric combinations that could be done with this.........

I ended up gluing it to a piece of felt and making it into an ornament. My goal was to decorate a Christmas tree in a cupcake theme for my nieces.

This was another ornament I made using cupcake ribbon.

I hope you're a little inspired to look for cupcake themed craft supplies and make something fun with them. You could also be like me and just keep them in your stash and look at them thinking how cute they are.

Have a wonderful day!

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