Monday, June 21, 2010

Cupcake Carnival: Heidi from The Craft Monkey

The always-inspiring Heidi from The Craft Monkey has a great recipe for diabetics. I've got a few diabetics in my family, and I'm just not fair to them with all the cupcakes I made (loaded with sugar). Totally making these for my diabetics from now on. :) Kimberly


Once upon a time, I gave you Fat Free Cupcakes (that was kind of mean of me, huh?) Well today I have Sugar Free Cupcakes for you, for reals! I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I got an email from Kimberly inviting me to participate in the Cupcake Carnival. You see, I'm not a baker {don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be}I have a hard time following directions, measuring, paying attention, etc., so you can imagine, baking is not really my thing!

Anyhoo, last year my huzby was diagnosed with diabetes, and ever since I have been trying to find yummy sugar free snacks for him. I found Sweet N Low Sugar Free Cake Mix & Sugar Free Frosting Mix and had to try it {plus, the directions are "just add water", right up my alley!}

Mix the package with water, {I like to use my Tupperware Mix N Store b/c it has a top that keeps the powdered mix from "poofing" out when I mix it} I also add a little splash of vanilla extract to make them taste more 'homemade'. Then pour into a cupcake tin, the downfall of this mix, the box says it makes 10 cupcakes, that's a random number, so I overfill mine & just make 6.

Aren't they pretty! The frosting is also a "just add water" mix, I find that it takes a little less water than the box calls for, or else you'll get a real runny icing. For these I added a little blue coloring just for fun.

So, there ya have it! Sugar Free Cupcakes! Considering these are a box mix AND sugar free, they are pretty good, and my huzby LOVES them!

Happy Day!

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the lovely paper shop said...

my husband would love these too, since he is diabetic! i must make these!


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