Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cupcake Carnival: Laurie from Scene of the Grime


Hi, my name is Laurie and I'm the Domestic Detective over at my blog, Scene of the Grime. Kimberly was so thoughtful to ask me to submit an idea for her wonderful Cupcake Carnival. I have two ideas to share!

My materials included:

large clear glass platter, metallic cupcake liners, spray paint, spray clear protective coating, modgepodge, foam paintbrush, scissors

The steps I took:

1-Cut cupcake liners into shapes, designs, words, whatever you like and arrange on table. Set clear platter face-up on top of design. Work on layout until you’re pleased with the look of the platter.

2-Now, turn clean platter over face-down and modgepodge cupcake liner design piece into place – important: glue them face-down onto back of clear platter! This way, when you turn the platter right-side-up, the metallic side of the design will show through the platter.

3-Make sure and modgepodge the entire back of the platter, over the design pieces and over the clear parts as well.

4-Keep the platter face-down and let it dry thoroughly overnight.

5-The next day, take the dry platter outside (or wherever you spray paint) and lightly spray paint the color you’ve selected over the back side of the platter. Let that layer dry, then add another. You just don’t want to spray it so heavily it affects the appearance of the foil design.

6-Once you’re satisfied with you platter background color and it is dry, finish it off by spraying the back of the platter with a layer of clear protective coating.

7-When it’s all dry, you can turn over, admire it, and feel proud of yourself!!! Now for something yummy to put on the platter…


Here’s a quick way I dressed up some store-bought cupcakes and made them special for the summer season:


cupcakes (store-bought or homemade), almond bark/meltable white chocolate (on baking aisle), food coloring, cupcake topper decorations, knife, bowls, microwave oven


1-Purchase store-bought cupcakes (or make your own plain cupcakes). Scrape icing off store cupcakes. Set aside for kids to use to frost cookies or something – you can’t let good icing go to waste!

2-Melt almond bark (or meltable white chocolate) in microwave until smooth and creamy. I divided melted almond bark into 3-4 small bowls.

3-I put 2-3 drops of food coloring into each bowl. Leave one bowl just white. Carefully swirl the color through the melted white chocolate, not mixing together completely. I use the tip of a knife to swirl it, leaving streaks of the color showing. This creates the watercolor effect.

4-Dip the top of each cupcake into the white melted chocolate. Let harden a little.

5-Use a knife to gently scoop out a bit of swirled, colored melted chocolate, then gently spread into a circle on the top of each cupcake. I mad sure to leave some white showing around the edges.

6-I used real seashells to top the cupcakes because I wanted to create a summery, coastal look. You could use any type of edible or other decoration to suit your look. Just make sure to alert folks if the toppers are inedible!

7-Now, just put ‘em on your posh platter and prepare to impress your guests! Cupcake-inspired from top to bottom! Enjoy, and come see me sometime at Scene of the Grime.

I’d love for you to go visit Attempting Creative during the great Cupcake Carnival or anytime! Kimberly is a sweetheart and she has tons of terrific ideas for making life more creative!

Chronically Yours, Laurie


Jerri said...

Cute cupcakes! And I love that making the water color effect sounds so easy!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

That platter is just adorable! So fun!!!



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