Saturday, August 28, 2010

Snowbird Retreat

A few weeks ago, I spent a wonderful, relaxing weekend at Snowbird Retreat, a house on Smith Lake about an hour north of Birmingham. I'd been to Snowbird's sister house, Red Rooster Retreat, before and each time had a blast crafting, sewing, and chatting with some of my mom's friend - and celebrating one 50th birthday. (I hope I'm as cool as Alicia when I'm 50.) :)

So here, a few pictures from the weekend - relaxing, for this laid back Saturday afternoon - when I'm preparing projects for next week's posts.

110+ steps from the house down to the water. So we just took a boat from across the street - we got there by truck.

Red Rooster Inn - across the street.

Dreamcakes cupcakes for Alicia's 50th birthday.

Took a beautiful ride on the lake. I grew up in a town surrounded by water, so it's like going home. Except that we don't have floating docks. So that took me back for a second. They move when you walk on them!!

Have no idea whose house this is - we'll pretend Brad Pitt for the sake of the argument - but it's so cool!

A few years back, this area was hit by a tornado, destroying, removing or relocating some homes. This is one that never was cleaned up, so someone has nicely placed "legs" with ruby slippers under it. You know - the Wicked Witch's sister was hit here.

Where do you go to feel like you're home?

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Amy said...

It looks so beautiful and relaxing there! Take me! : )

Jami said...

What a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate!

Melissa said...

Oh cool, I really love the name signpost. All in all, looks like a great place to go!


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