Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sawesome September!

Can you believe it's September?

My to do list was barely just begun!

Here's what I told myself to do in August - and how well I did or didn't do.

Things for Kimberly
- Read a whole book. errrr.... I'm going to stop making this a goal.
- Watch two new movies. Favorite: I Love You, Man (not a high-hitting movie by any means)
- Plan out fall weekends. (For some reason, they're totally crazy.) Planned out through the end of this month.
- Work out more often. (How's that for indecisiveness?) ehhh...
- Figure out Birthday Weekend getaway.

- Finish summer wreath. It's here.
- Make large garment bag.
- Make Bible cover. Just haven't posted it yet.
- Find/make art for kitchen. Know what I want to do... Just have to do it.
- Make marker/crayon roll.

- Throw everything into a garbage bag, and admit to the fact I'm never going to be a gardener. At least not when all I can use are giant pots.

- two new recipes.
- Go to farmer's market.
- Try a new restaurant. Zea was delicious!
- Make something with my new food processor. Yummy salsa!

- Organize front closet. uhhhh....
- Organize and donate clothes. errrr....
- Look for buffet or sideboard for dining room area. ehhhh....
- Research recovering and refoaming couch. hmmmm.....

Around Town
- Attend a baseball game. Go Braves (and corn dogs)!!
- Go to a new store.
- Visit a community event.

- Help parents get organized at home. (School is about to start back.) I'm at home right now, about to start to work on my Honey Do list.
- Start work on Little Brother's Halloween costume. (His marching band wears costumes for a Halloween show. Yes, he's 18 and dressing up for Halloween.)
- Make some Christmas gifts.
- Finish and mail cousins' graduation presents. I'm a failure.

What's on Tap for September? It's going to be a busy month, but since it's starting with a vacation of sorts, surely it's going to be productive.

Things for Kimberly
- Read some. :)
- Go to the movies for a night out.
- No. More. Mountain. Dew.
- Get/give myself a pedicure.

- Make kitchen art.
- Make entry way art.
- Sew my very first purse.
- Sew some pajama pants.
- Make a marker roll.

- Make two new recipes.
- Try a new vegetable.
- Visit a new restaurant.
- Do some cooking activity you're scared of. (Probably heating sugar.)

- Clean, organize, and decorate desk area.
- Make a craft cabinet in which I can hide all my craft supplies.
- Clean apartment since roomie has been the only one doing it for a while. :)

Around Town
- Attend Greek Food Festival.
- Visit Alma Mater and take some pictures for art.
- Visit a new antiques or flea mall.

- Go home for little brother's homecoming football game.
- Get together things for parents garage sale.
- Help little brother with math project.
- Finally finish and mail cousin's graduation present.
- Have dinner with cousin and his new fiancee.

Whew... Let's get to work!!!

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