Thursday, September 23, 2010

Team Spirit Headband

Friday Night Loves: football, friends, food.

If you're headed out to a football game, you might be looking for a quick splash of team spirit. Nothing is easier or more adorable than a headband.

Make this floral headband in your team's colors. (Black and gold are for the SHS Wildcats. Go Wildcats!) And enjoy it for many games to come.

(Yes, that's a guy modeling the headband. He's a good sport.) :)

For a video tutorial, click here. (Steph at Somewhat Simple has an awesome one.) Otherwise, here's a quick one of my own.

What You'll Need: base fabric (the black), flower fabric (the yellow and black plaid), thread, scissors, disappearing ink or chalk, coordinating thread, button, headband, hot glue gun.

Cut circles from your chosen fabrics. In this case, I cut two black circles (about four inches) for the base. Then I cut about 8 circles in the yellow and black plaid. I made four three-inch circles for the smaller row.

The black circles stay flat. Fold the plaid circles in half, and stack atop one another around the circle. (The video might be useful here.) On the fourth circle, bring the bottom of the first circle on top of the fourth circle. Then stack another layer. I did two layers of the larger circles and one layer of the smaller circles before stitching together.

With your needle and thread, stitch all the layers of the flower together. I totally missed some when I was sewing, so be sure you get them all.

Like so...

Then stitch on or hot glue a button to the center of the flower.

Place the flower on your headband exactly where you want it, then apply a generous amount of hot glue. Stick the flower in place and hold until the hot glue cools.

Cut a small strip of fabric about two inches by two inches. Flip over the headband (with flower attached) and apply more hot glue.

Then place the scrap piece of fabric to the hot glue and press down to secure the flower.

Let it cool. Clean away any strands from the hot glue, and cut any frayed lines. Then you're done!


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Yycien said...

This is amazingly beautiful! I really love hair accessories. I wish I had a little girl to wear such cute stuff! Happy to see this tutorial. It's very useful for me. Thanks for sharing. :)


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