Thursday, October 29, 2009

You've Been Boo-ed

In college, I was a member of a service sorority, and every Halloween, we went trick or treating for canned goods to donate to local shelters. During our trick or treating, I started noticing these "You've been boo-ed" signs in everyone's door. Finally, I stopped to ask. Turns out, a trend is sweeping the nation. A yummy and fun trend!

It's called Boo-ing, and it goes like this.

1) You go to You've Been Boo-ed's web site and print out the card.

2) Fill two bags (or pumpkins) or baskets FULL of goodies. It can be homemade treats like breads, cookies, cake. It can be candy and chocolate. It might even be a basket full of scary movies, popcorn, and soda for the family to use in their Halloween celebration. However you choose to fill it is up to you.

3) You place the "You've Been Boo-ed" card in the basket, and you silently drop off a Boo basket at the front door of two neighbors.

4) They find the basket (surprise!), read the card, post the "You've been boo-ed" sign in their front door (so they are not boo-ed twice), and then they boo two neighbors. The chain starts from there!

It's a great way to spread cheer all around your neighborhood!

Now... off to boo some friends! Enjoy!

P.S. They have a Christmas version: Been Jingled


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