Monday, November 2, 2009

Step 1: Invites

To celebrate my champagne--or golden or lucky--birthday (I turned 25 on the 25th of October), I held a little get together at my apartment. It was such a wonderful evening with my most favorite people.

This week, I'll be showing you what I did to pull the evening together.

First up: Invitations

This invite really is simple to make, but it delivers a big punch when your guests first open their envelopes.

Start by going to a local craft store. I usually shop first in the scrapbooking aisle as you can buy individual sheets of paper instead of dedicating yourself to an entire 50-page pack. Buy multiple sheets of a decorative paper you like for your party (one sheet makes four invitations) and some corresponding vellum and ribbon. With the decorative paper, I try to keep it simple but interesting - a few colors but a great design.

To print the wording, I used a publishing program on my computer to set up four separate areas and then copied and pasted the matching text. This takes a few tries to get everything lined up. Instead of using your valuable vellum, practice first on an ordinary sheet of paper.

Now begins the construction phase. Cut your decorative paper into fourths, making 4 smaller rectangles. Do the same to your vellum (which now has your printed wording). You might also want to cut off a little additional vellum so the decorative paper forms a sort of border for the text.

Line up the vellum paper with your decorative paper. Using a single-hole punch, punch two holes at the top of the invite about an inch apart.

Cut a piece of your matching ribbon (be sure to buy ribbon with a smaller width) to about 6 inches. Strand the ribbon through the front and then up through the holes to the front. Cut off the ends at an angle (they will likely have frayed from the pulling).

Now you have your inexpensive, but ultra chic, invitation.

I've made this same style of invitation for a bachelorette party, birthday parties, baby showers, and a wedding shower. It's simple and lends itself to lots of themes.

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