Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bucket o' Soda

In my post yesterday, I chose a cream and black damask pattern as my decorative paper for the invitations. I tried to run the damask pattern, as well as the colors of cream, purple, and black, throughout the party.

I wanted a bucket in which to corral drinks to keep people from opening the fridge numerous times. (Plus, my fridge is in a back corner of my kitchen, and the flow of traffic would cease if multiple people needed to sneak back there for a beverage.) And because it was super chilly the night of the party, I put the bucket outside where the cold air helped keep the drinks cool.

So, this was my solution:

I found the bucket at a costume supply store for $1.99. The buckets only came in Halloween colors (black, purple, and orange), but seeing as two of my colors were black and purple, I was in luck. Next, I went to a craft store and dug in the fabric and ribbon section until I found a one-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon with damask patten. It was 50-percent off that day, so I got one three-yard spool for $1.50. Finally, all I needed was some double-sided tape to help the ribbon stay in place.

I tied the ribbon around the bucket very haphazardly, just enough to keep it on while I worked. Then I began on one side, worked my way around taping the ribbon to the bucket. You'll have to do minor tucks and folds since the side of the bucket is sloped. When I got to the bow, I tied a square knot, taped the bow loops up just a bit, and I was ready to ice down my drinks.

For less than $5, it was a simple project with great results. Even better - it's completely reusable. And if the damask pattern doesn't match my next party, all I have to do is take it off and tape on another ribbon.

Here's a close-up of the bow.

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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I want that bucket!

Cat said...

I always need a drink bucket- great job!


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