Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Take Out Topper

Take-out boxes are great for gifts, and many stores have started carrying them in decorative and holiday styles. I actually received this one (a frosted glass look) in a press kit a few weeks back and saved it just for this project.

Step 1: I found these wooden letters (2 for 99 cents) at Hobby Lobby. I had some basic red acrylic paint in a box at home from art projects past, so I bought some Martha Stewart fine glitter to match. I painted the letter red with a few coats of paint on all sides.

Step 2: When the paint was all dry, I slathered on school glue and covered it in glitter. When it was dry, I shook it off to check for spots where the glitter didn't cover. Then I put just a bit more glue and glitter to cover that up.

Step 3: I used Christmas crinkle paper to fill the box and stuffed the gift down in it. Then I took wrapping paper -- I'm all about using wrapping paper for lots of different things -- and wrapped it around the box, taping it on bottom.

Step 4: Hot glue or tape the letter on top. And you're done. You could add ribbon or yarn to the handle, tie on a tag or stick stickers on it. The recipient can keep the letter in addition to the gift!


Rene said...

I love the "J" all sparkly and festive. Very neat!

Shana said...

So cute! I've been seeing these boxes all over the place too! Love the embellishment!


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