Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Take on Tape

Well, my colored tape didn't arrive in time, and I couldn't find any in Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I was at Lowe's picking up a gift card and paint can and noticed the colorful electrical tape. The selection of colors is somewhat limited. As my former-electrician grandfather says, "Well we aren't picky people!" So I went with what they had in Christmas colors. And I wrapped my grandfather's present in electrical tape. Fitting, I think, if not the most attractive thing. Haha!

Wrap your own gift in electrical tape. Here's how...

1) Wrap a gift in any plain paper. If I could do mine again, I would have put a light green or brown craft paper instead of white. The white electrical tape doesn't really show up, but live and learn.

2) Make a design with the tape in any way you like. I chose to do a lattice work since I'm obsessed with lattice work now that I figured it out.

3) Tape or hot glue an ornament to the top, and there you have my take on colored masking tape wrapping!

Not too bad, really. :)

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April Riley said...

I just found your blog from The Girl Creative. Love your creativity! I had to comment on your electrical tape wrapping; I think the package looks festive!

My husband is a commercial electrician and brings home a ton of this stuff. When I was a teacher, my students used colored electrical tape to cover up the staples when binding self-authored books. =)


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