Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Table Setting

Following my goal of trying to use what I already have instead of buying new, I tried to find things for my table setting and centerpiece without having to buy new things.

For the centerpiece, I did what many of you fellow bloggers did for your Christmas centerpiece -- I spray-painted limbs.

I think they turned out okay, and since this game night was so close to the holidays anyway, I could have easily used this for my holiday setting too.

To add a little extra, I used stencils to cut out spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts to hang from the limbs. I punched holes in the top and strung white yarn to hang them. How many you use is totally up to you.

For the place settings, I got really lucky. A few years ago, my brother attended a Las Vegas-themed school event. They had giant playing cards printed for decorations, and he was quick enough to snag a stack of them. I used them as placemats. Perfect, right? Then I put gold chargers on top for plates.

Since game nights are usually pretty busy and crazy, I wanted to keep decorations simple. Once the food has been consumed, the table is usually cleared pretty quickly to play games. So I think this table sets a good mood without being a pain to clear when it's time to break out the games.

The Girl Creative


Stephanie Lynn said...

My goodness what a cute idea! I would be so impressed to come play a game at your house! Great job - it looks fabulous!

Mama Thompson said...

What a fun idea for a game night!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I can't wait til our kids are old enough that we can have friends over for regular game nights again! I miss playing Spades every once in a while. :) I love the playing cards as placemats ... what a wonderful idea!


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