Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teenage Wasteland: Wall Decor

In an effort to cover up the purple walls, William had plastered just about anything he could find on his walls: movie posters, old license plates, old sweat rags. None pleasing.

Before decorating began, we had a "Come to Jesus" moment about what would be going back up on the walls. I understood his need to "express" himself with his movie posters, and he (eventually) understood my need to keep it somewhat organized and clean.

First things first - We recruited our mom to paint something for above his bed. It had to be reflective of his personality and his interests. So they settled on this, and I think it's perfect!

Then he had some Andy Warhol prints I bought him last Christmas. Those were a must, as well as some pictures of London (a trip I gave him last New Year's). They are reflecting one another on either side of a bureau.

This mirror once hung in our uncle's bedroom as a child. It was painted (at some point in the last century) to match a chest of drawers I will be showing later. It's now hanging above the chest of drawers and serves as a check-in/check-out point for William as he comes in. He can make sure his hair looks good (well, good is relative) and that everything is together. [Notice Molly, the cat, has returned to his room and is watching me in the mirror.]

We found a good solution to his license plates and "borrowed" parking sign. These are hanging above his bedroom door and closet doors. They're out of the way, but they're still fun and add a lot to the personality of the room.

Have any of you had adventures in decorating a teenager's room? I'd love to hear about them.


Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Looking good! Love that he has some fun "teenager" stuff as well as the sophisticated Warhol & London pieces. I am in the midst of finishing my almost 14 year old son's room. I haven't posted anything on it yet, because I want to get it done first. I had a brick (life-like!) mural painted on one wall and one wall is UT orange (Hook Em!)
He's got a new bed and I need to get him a new dresser. Have no clue what the wall decor will be yet, but you gave me some inspiration. Thanks!
I should have his room posted in the next week or so, so check out my blog if you want!

Dawn said...

Oh wow, I really like what you have done in there - I agree that the pieces you have chosen leave such a creative, personal expression without looking cluttered.

My teenager boys rooms are... well... a disaster, and my philosophy on "decorating" them just changed... I think I'm going to try and work with them to make it very personal for them, without being..well, like a TGIFridays. :D

Thanks for the inspiration (and courage, LOL)


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