Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teenage Wasteland

If I say to you that my younger brother's bedroom was a wasteland, it would be an understatement. In fact, I could even get in line for understatement of the year. Our cat, Molly, was afraid to go in.

So over the holidays while I was at home "relaxing," William and I set out to redecorate, purge and make his room fit for a young man. The worst part about it -- it appears I failed to take/load pictures of his wasteland prior to our cleaning (read: exorcisms) and redecorating. But I've posted what I have, and in the event I stumble across some, I'll be sure to upload those.

This week I'll be showing you all the highlights of his room redo. Starting with what before pictures I have and for today, a snapshot of the after.

Because he's still in high school his room had a lot of requirements. It's not just a place to sleep, so decorating and organizing became a challenge. It is also a place...
  • to sleep
  • to get dressed
  • to practice his guitar
  • to entertain friends
  • to relax
  • to do homework
  • to store his worldly possessions
  • to express his teenage angst
For those many reasons, we had to come to terms with what we could and could not do in this room. It's a smaller room, about 12' by 10'. Only one wall is uninterrupted (no windows or doors), and it faces the wooded backyard, so there's very little natural light.

As you can see from the pictures, his walls were a tragic violet. When he was younger, my mom hand selected an antique gray to match a baseball border we put up. The paint chip looked perfect, but when we got it on the wall, it was purple. It took her a few years to come to terms with this mistake and a few more before we were willing to do anything about it.

First things first - Paint colors
Wall color: Baking Stone by Valspar
Dark Trim Color: Leather Chair by Valspar
Light Trim Color: Pure White by Do It Best
Accent Color: Bayside by Valspar

Here's a quick snapshot of the after. Stay tuned this week for more posts!

I'm showing off this room re-do at Between Naps on the Porch. Stop over to see what other bloggers are doing.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Very cool room!
What a great sister you are.

Jill said...

The room looks great! Could you come do my whole house????

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Looks really good! Love the bedding!

Dawn said...

Oh wow, I love the trim - I don't know why I never THOUGHT of doing a dark trim?!? I just had one of those slap my forehead kinda moments! Thank you!!

Kammy said...

Poor boy - purple room ?!?!!?
Love the change , much more grown up !

Rene said...

I am soooo glad to see a teen-aged boy's room (because I have one) and this one looks fabulous! Sophisticated, but still boyish...good for you.

Linda said...

Looks outstanding...love the bedding! Hope you have an awesome week!



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