Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kiss Me Frames

Cricut cut-outs. Dollar store frames. Glue. Paper. That's it.

I cut white cardstock to fit two 4 by 6 frames I purchased at Goodwill. Then I cut out "KISS ME IM IRISH" on my Cricut. (Cartridge: Cuttin' Up. Size: 1 3/4") And I cut a shamrock. (Cartridge: Designer Calendar. Size: 3")

I glued them to the cardstock, let them dry and put them in their frames. And here they are.

This was a total of about $4.50. Post-St. Patrick's, I'm sure I'll paint these frames a different color. But for St. Patrick's, everyone likes a little gold. :)

See where I'm partying on the right side of the blog. And come join us!


Mrs. Adventure said...

New Follower Alert! Ok I honestly think I need a cricut... I mean how on earth can I live without this machine?

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

super cute and simple I love it. looks like i need to bust out my cricut. OH and ps i was excited about your blog title because mine is creative attempts so it's like we are family lol

Kaysi said...

Super cute!! I love that you throw a little yellow in there, so fun!


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