Friday, May 21, 2010

Color Crush: Green

I love the color green. Love. I use it, in some way, in almost all the rooms in my apartment. I know what you're thinking. "Uhhh, isn't that a little much?" And the answer: No. (Okay. Well, maybe.)

But it is true I can get tired of a color very quickly. (Hey, lilac! I'm talking to you.) I've found the best way to introduce a color is in pops and spurts. That way, if you don't like it, you haven't hurt too many feelings (or eyes). Then, when you're brave, venture out into full blown color wonder.

Here, the green things I'm crushing on (and where you can get them).

Perfect around a breakfast table or just one at a desk chair!

I heart the pattern and the airy feeling. It's young and fresh but sophisticated.

Bicycle Coir Mat by Ballard Designs
How adorable is this? And a great way to welcome guests!
Maybe it's a Southern thing, but you can't go wrong with monogrammed coasters, right?
On a bedside table or on a mantle, it's great!

Ikat Bowl in Green from Anthropologie
As soon as I can get my hands on this bowl, it's going on my kitchen counter.
What a fun way to introduce pattern and color to a room! It's art, and it's functional. Every room has to have one. Even better - this one's vintage wrapping paper with a new purpose!

Large Bowl in Clover by Blenko Glass
I'm a big fan of bowls. I use them as a catch-all for that stuff that just ends up making a pile, almost by accident. You know what I'm talking about - loose change, mail, keys, earrings. This one is bold and beautiful and green!
Green Three-Stack Book Box from Wisteria
As they say on Wisteria's web site: When a book is not a book, it had better be something special. I toootally agree! And these books are something special. It's a box! Masquerading as books. How cool!

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Melissa said...

If I were to add a pop it would be the vase, the bicycle mat and the books...

but I have a green bathroom so... ;)


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