Friday, May 28, 2010

Color Crush: Yellow

Colorful decorating inspiration for this glorious Memorial Day Weekend Friday. (What are your plans for the weekend??)

Did you see the Color Crush: Green last week? Yellow isn't too far on the color wheel from green, so I couldn't wait to share some of these glorious yellow things I'm crushing on.

What a beautiful jolt of color in any room! Now those say summer!

Can't you just feel the woolly warmth goodness of this rug? I would love this in my bedroom.

How fun would this be in a mud-room or at the breakfast table?

It's very rare that the back of the pillow is just as beautiful as the front! But this one takes the cake.

Wood Boxes With Lacquered Lids in the Ash/Tumeric combo from West Elm
I'm all about these for a dressing table or bathroom. Imagine how many things you can store in these: jewelry, make-up, perfume! Better yet: Fill one with mini bottles of shampoo, mouthwash, and lotion, and have it ready for an overnight guest.

My crush on yellow started with a citron fabric I found at a prop sale a few weeks ago. So naturally my heart is drawn to this beautiful, vibrant material. Can you imagine how good it would look as a table runner on a dark wood table?


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I am so into yellow right now this had me drooling :)

Teresa said...

I don't have anything yellow!
Oh wait!
I do have some squash in the kitchen! ;o)
You know I'm all about WHITE!
But all of that yellow looks so cool and HIP!
Love West Elm!
So...about the sauce!
It truly is yummy...and perfect for dipping the sweet potato chips/fries in!
Just play around with those 3 ingredients!
Let me know how you like it!
Happy Weekend!
I went to Vestavia Hills High School...
and LOVE a good day of shopping in Homewood and Mt. Brook!
Where do you live in Bham?

Melissa said...

I like the vases but then I have a thing for yellow vases (yes, weird, I know)...

Chris said...

OH, this brings back memories! These colors were in my house when I was a child, the chair, LOL this is cracking me up! I have forgotten about all these colors and styles! (this is telling my age). Still love the post!


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