Monday, July 12, 2010

Favorite Things: Childhood Memories

First - you all understand that football is a way of life, right? Dare I say, religion?

Second - we start from an early age knowing what "color" our blood is.

Third - when parents are divided, the children suffer.

(Okay, not so much suffer as benefit from years of passionate, love-filled name calling and ribbing.)

My dad is an Alabama fan. My mom is an Auburn fan. They really did try to give me a fighting chance at being impartial, or at least a genuine fan of both.

My dad lost.



My mom found this old sweatshirt in a lost drawer corner a few years back, and she had it framed in coordinating colors for the sides of the shirt.

It's kind of hard to believe I was ever that small. It's also kind of hard to believe I ever wore Alabama's colors.

This framed sweatshirt - art, in its own way - is one of my favorite things.

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Adam and Wendy said...

This is too cute! War Eagle!!

Ott, A. said...

Very fun! My husband and I have this issue only with professional football. He cheers for the packers and I cheer for the bears, however we live in Indy so we both cheer for the colts as neutral ground.


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