Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Favorite Things: Things Inherited

My family jokes that among us we have 4 homes but enough furniture for 7.

It's sad because it's true...

When we think of tossing some furniture, we talk one another out of it. A few years back my grandparents got a new couch, but I asked them to keep their old one so that "when I had my own home," I could have it. (I've inherited the don't-toss-furniture gene.)

Many, many years later, I finally got my own apartment. And I got the couch.

Wanna know the coolest thing about the couch? You know - besides the fabric?

This is the first couch my grandparents ever bought. Last month, they celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. This couch has aged as gracefully as they have. (Even the disinegrating foam... haha!)

In its lifetime, it's been recovered once, but I plan to have it refinished and refoamed soon. The foam, no joke, is completely falling apart. You touch it and it crumbles. But as soon as I have a few pennies to rub together, I'm going to have it recovered and put new foam in.

Don't you just love all that glorious 60s/70s-ish floral charm?

Sitting beside the couch are two endtables that belonged to my great-grandmother Louise. They're old, sure, but they're beautiful.

My Nanny Louise kept family pictures in the drawers, and when I was younger, I would sit in the big arm chair beside the table and sort through all the pictures for hours. Some familiar faces, lots of questions. Then my Nanny Louise would patiently explain who the people were and what they were to me (great-great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).

Check out that handle! No idea if these are the original, but they're definitely staying with these tables. I'll eventually have these refinished, but for now, they're perfect. With all their dings and scrapes.

Here's the hidden drawer. When I brought these tables into my apartment, I opened this drawer and found a Valentine's Day card from my great-grandfather to my great-grandmother. Very precious indeed!

Things that come to us pre-loved are some of my favorite things.

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Michael - Innkeeper said...

love that side table! and the handle ... amazing. i know some people will scream with this statement, but i think it would look amazing painted white.

Melissa said...

Preloved is definitely the best...I love that you found the Valentine's Day card.


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