Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Princes and Princesses

Fairy tales are where the real magic happens. The dashing knight leaps to the rescue of the beautiful princess without a moment to spare. A green, lumpy frog can transform into a handsome prince after all. And always, the perfect couple walk arm in arm together, into Happily Ever After.

So for just a day - let's all be princesses and princes, shall we?

Princess crowns for every young lady at the party.

A shield of his very own for every young man. (The T - for the birthday girl, of course!)

For this at-school party, a moment of fancy-free fun, conversations of castles and fairy tales. Talk of sword battles and heroes' welcomes.

Birthday party perfection.

Make your own crowns and shields.
In order to reach maximum royalty status on the day of a princess party, be prepared to make a HUGE (semi-manageable, if you try) mess.

What You'll Need
2mm-thick foam sheets - We did purple and pink for the crowns; blue and white for the shields
Headbands - Kids' headbands 4 for $1 at a dollar store.
Pack of glittered, princess-themed foam stickers
Paint or glittered glue for the initials
Double-sided foam tape for attaching shields

What You'll Do
1. Draw or trace a crown and shield of your choice. I free-handed the crown, and my roommate traced the shield from a computer image.
2. With a thin-tip Sharpie, outline the crowns and shields onto the foam and cut out.
3. It's important you make the bottom portion of the crown longer so that you can make cuts into the foam to wrap around the headband. As you wrap the cuts around, dab some hot glue and hold until it's secured.

4. Cut out dots in a coordinating color for the points. Glue on with a dab of hot glue or school glue.

5. Decorate as you like. Or, if time permits at a party, put the crowns and stickers out for them to decorate. Very fun!

6. Cut the two pieces of shield, one larger than the other. Glue them together with hot glue or school glue.

7. With paint, marker, or glittered glue, make your decoration. In this case, a letter T for the birthday girl.

8. Use the double-sided foam tape to attach to clothes. This was easiest for this party, but you could always apply pins.

Then enjoy all the knights and princesses.

What is your favorite princess tale?
Mine? Sleeping Beauty.

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