Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Can't Get Enough Cupcake Books

You may have noticed -- I have a gargantuan tiny cupcake crush.

I like to bake cupcakes. I like to decorate cupcakes. I really like to eat cupcakes. And what's more - I like to read books about cupcakes.

Weird, right?

These are only a few of the many cupcake books I have. I can't help it. If anyone writes a book about cupcakes, I will buy it. It's an impulse. Like breathing.

Must. Buy. Cupcake. Book.

Cannot. Live. Without. Cupcake. Book.

Hello CupcakeMartha Stewart's Cupcakes

500 CupcakesCrazy About Cupcakes

Cupcakes!Betty Crocker Just Cupcakes

Know what I'm saying???

See something you like? Print it. Share it. Email it. But please, link back here when you do.


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Kimberly, well you've officially made me want to get up and make cupcakes now :) The pictures of them look yummy!!! Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Kimberly - do you have a favorite cupcake book? My kids and I have done "Cupcake Monday" this summer and have dug up some good recipes. Feel free to check out our progress on my blog. I just got the Cake Mix Dr cupcake book today and am excited to dig into it!

Stephanie said...

Can you believe I don't have a single cupcake book?? Still, I make them a lot (you know, because my husband likes them.....) Maybe I should get one of these. Which is your fave??

Melissa said...

Ooh, cupcake books are really fun. I have a vegan cupcake one, and I'm just waiting for the right moment to make something from the recipes.

Jocelyn said...

I hear ya! I am the same way with cupcake books...I have quite a few. Now I need to go get more:-)

Brittany said...

I only have 3...
But I also Love to bake and decorate cupcakes! I just started a few months ago so Im not that great. lol. But its fun!
So what is your favorite book that you have?

Kimberly said...

By far, my favorite is the 500 Cupcakes. I even have the desk-calendar version. But Cake Doctor Cupcakes! is very very informative and good.


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