Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Your Halloween Freebies!

Happy Friday! (I think those may be two of the best words in the English language.) You all remember my friend Lauren, right? ("Hi, Lauren!")

She just opened a new stationery shop, Pinwheel Press. She also created the new attempting creative title image for this web site. She's a very talented graphic artist. And other than the fact she's an Alabama fan, she's pretty awesome all the way 'round. (Plus, she has the most adorable dog.)

That's Murphy. He's the best.

To add to that awesomeness, she is giving away free printables of some of my most favorite things she's ever done: the Halloween tags!! They don't have to cupcake flags. You could use them for just about anything. In fact, if you do use them, send me some pictures of what you did. I'd love to share!

Go get 'em here. And tell her Kimberly sent you!

See something you like? Print it. Share it. Email it. But please, link back here when you do.


Anonymous said...

Haha. You are awesome! Thanks for sharing the love and the constant supply of baked treats. :D

Chi-chi said...

simply splendid!


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