Monday, October 11, 2010

Last-Minute Halloween Wreath

I had great intentions of making a wonderful Halloween wreath yesterday because every holiday does deserve a great wreath. I had plans for a skull with a bow tie cut from felt. It was going to be super cute.


I went grocery shopping, picked up some last-minute items for the crafts I'll be sharing this week (including the wreath), and was pumping gas.

As I'm pumping gas, I feel this shudder, and the soda I had placed on my trunk fell to the ground.

Earthquake? No. (But not unheard of in these parts.) Slamming door? No. My car is locked.

That's when I realized what had actually happened.

Someone backed into my car.



Now thankfully, the damage isn't so terrible. It's just a bad scratch. But it's definitely noticeable, and it makes my heart hurt for my little Malibu.

You see, I'm dedicated to this car. It's 10 years old now. I bought it when I graduated from high school, and it was to be my college car. ('Cause you know, as soon as I graduated college, I was going to be rich and buy a new one.) But now that we're past that and into reality, this car and I are going all the way. To like at least 2015.

So the fact it's all banged up hurts my heart. But, we'll get her patched up soon enough. She's been through a lot. We've been through a lot. But we've got more time together on this Earth.

That's why my great wreath plan turned into a "How can we make an awesome wreath fast?" kind of thing.

Here's what we got. And I love it! (Even if it wasn't my original plan.)

Just used one of these wire wreath forms. I paid about $2 at Michael's with a Coupon. It's super light, and it allows you to tie the feather boas to something for a bit of support. A piece of cardboard cut into a circle would work well, too.

Then top it with a simple bow. I used orange. 'Cause it's Halloween and all.

For a "This day did not go as I expected" kind of craft, it still looks great, I think! Have you seen any Halloween wreaths you just love?

See something you like? Print it. Share it. Email it. But please, link back here when you do.


Amy said...

I love that wreath, I may attempt it!

Orange it Lovely said...

oh Im so sorry about your car!!!
that wreath is adorable! I love it!!!

yellowmum said...

I love that wreath! Simple, easy and so darn cute. Hope your car isn't too banged up!

Kim said...

Great story about the car. My dh and I bought a new Malibu in 99..our first brand new car, as well as our first big purchase being married. Ours was nothing but trouble..but I LOVED that car and still talk about it today (since then we've bought 4 more It must be a Malibu thing.

BTW..this wreath is very cute and I can't remember how I stumbled upon you, but going to GFC you so I can find you again.


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