Friday, July 2, 2010

Stars & Stripes Headbands

Once I figured out how to make some simple flowers (the ones on the 4th of July wreath here), I just kept making them.

But then I found a spare headband lying around my bathroom, and I thought, "Why not?!"

You've still got a little time before the Fourth. And it's so easy! Make one for you, and your sister, and your best friend, and your daughter, and your mom.... :)

What You'll Need
long strips of fabric
sewing machine
glue gun
felt, cut into circles

What You'll Do
Check the directions here.

If the frayed edge isn't for you, totally fine. In the flowers below, I took a strip, flipped it over (with right side down), folded in the frayed edges to the center, then folded the strip in half. When I sewed the pleats, the edges were sewn under so there weren't any frayed edges on the outside.

What other type of fabric flowers do you like? I'm anxious to try other ones!


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Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Love those headbands - and you could change up the colors to make some for other holidays.

Chris said...

I love them, all of them! Wish I was younger to wear them, my students would laugh me out of the classroom wearing them, but then again, I really never cared! LOL I love the sweet

Jerri said...

Oh these are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites!


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