Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Re-cap and August Plans

Goodbye, July. Someone, please tell me how it's August already.

Things for Kimberly

- Read a book. (Okay, I got half way through a really long one. Close enough?)
- Watch two new movies. (Favorites: Despicable Me and Duplicity)
- Go to a yard sale or estate sale.
- Plan a short vacation. (Got a weekend away at the lake and going to see some girlfriends in September.)
- Workout three days a week. (HA!)

- Make a garment bag. (Ummm... oops. I made some other things.)
- Make a new wreath. (Working on it now.)
- Try to make a ruffle shirt. (Can't bring myself to figure it out.)
- Make some wall art for the kitchen. (I've thought about it.)

Okay - let me make a case for myself on this crafting list, since it seems I didn't do much. I made a checkbook cover (two actually), a sunglasses case, a pincushion, a bag (which I haven't shared yet), some art (which I also haven't shared yet), some cupcake toppers, and crowns and shields for a birthday party. So even if my list isn't what I did, I did something. Right? :)

- Get a zucchini to grow! (I give up. It's hopeless. Maybe I'll share my poor garden with you all again soon. It's the saddest thing ever.)

- Make homemade ice cream or sorbet. (Cake Batter Ice Cream - see it here.)
- Try a new recipe. (I made some delicious wraps and some cast iron skillet brownies. I also tried homemade blueberry muffins and a new cupcake flavor!)
- Try a new restaurant. (Yummm. Urban Cookhouse!
Clearly, food is a priority in my life...

- Clean out magazines. (Unfortunately, I didn't actually throw many of them away. But they're organized and ready for reading and tossing. Good, no?)
- Organize laundry room. (I still don't know what there is to organize in there...)
- Clean and organize closet. (Not even close. I made it worse.)

Around Town
- Go to farmer's market.
- Visit a new church.

- Visit a college with the little brother. (Seriously, how is he related to me? I was so much more on top of this college thing when I was his age. Disclaimer: No, I wasn't. I had no idea where I was going to college until the end of March before I graduated in May.)
- Help mom get ready for new school year. (Such good intentions...)

So, August, let's get to work...

Things for Kimberly
- Read a whole book.
- Watch two new movies.
- Plan out fall weekends. (For some reason, they're totally crazy.)
- Work out more often. (How's that for indecisiveness?)
- Figure out Birthday Weekend getaway.

- Finish summer wreath.
- Make large garment bag.
- Make Bible cover.
- Find/make art for kitchen.
- Make marker/crayon roll.

- Throw everything into a garbage bag, and admit to the fact I'm never going to be a gardener. At least not when all I can use are giant pots.

- Try two new recipes.
- Go to farmer's market.
- Try a new restaurant.
- Make something with my new food processor.

- Organize front closet.
- Organize and donate clothes.
- Look for buffet or sideboard for dining room area.
- Research recovering and refoaming couch.

Around Town
- Attend a baseball game.
- Go to a new store.
- Visit a community event.

- Help parents get organized at home. (School is about to start back.)
- Start work on Little Brother's Halloween costume. (His marching band wears costumes for a Halloween show. Yes, he's 18 and dressing up for Halloween.)
- Make some Christmas gifts.
- Finish and mail cousins' graduation presents.

See something you like? Print it. Share it. Email it. But please, link back here when you do.


S. Thomas said...

If you end up with a pile of magazines you want to pitch, send them my way. I'm always looking for new collage fodder.

Orange it Lovely said...

I love the old list was added to the new.. lol Great list!
Its the summer - enjoy!


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