Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be Nice To Me, July

Raise your hand if you can't believe it's July. That's month #7. It's kind of like we're on the Wednesday evening of the week... (of months...).

Okay, that's a bad analogy.

But I can't believe it's July. Wow!

So that means we just put the finishing touches on June. Aaaannnddd... I didn't do too hot.

Things for Kimberly:
Read a book
Watch two new movies - Favorite: Toy Story 3!!!!
Attend a baseball game - Okay, technically it was the end of May, but good enough, right?
Plan a weekend trip to somewhere fun - Does it count that I talked about it?

Finish roommate's birthday present - Finished! See it here.
Make housewarming present for friend - I stink. I just bought them a nice bottle of wine. :(
Make a summer wreath - Does my Fourth of July wreath count? It's here.
Sew something - I totally did!!! Like here and here.
Paint some art

Make signs for herbs

Try a new recipe - Yummy recipes to come in the future!
Eat a vegetable I've never had before - Okay, I tried a fruit I had never tried before -- the fig!

Organize laundry room - uh, negative.
Organize pantry - not even close.
Set up desk - still a disaster.
Decorate dining room table - covered in Cricut and sewing scraps.

Around Town:
Try a new restaurant
Attend farmer's market every other weekend
Attend a Barons game

Go home for Father's Day
Take little brother to a college for a visit - Not my fault this isn't crossed off! I asked him to...
Research adopting a kitty - Can't afford it...

Now... I've got some catching up to do for July.

Things for Kimberly
- Read a book.
- Watch two new movies.
- Go to a yard sale or estate sale.
- Plan a short vacation.
- Workout three days a week.

- Make a garment bag.
- Make a new wreath.
- Try to make a ruffle shirt.
- Make some wall art for the kitchen.

- Get a zucchini to grow!

- Make homemade ice cream or sorbet.
- Try a new recipe.
- Try a new restaurant.

- Clean out magazines.
- Organize laundry room.
- Clean and organize closet. (Make a donation to Goodwill.)

Around Town
- Go to farmer's market.
- Visit a new church.

- Visit a college with the little brother.
- Help mom get ready for new school year.


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Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

What a terrific idea to write things down like this. I am sure it is very motivating!

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment on my outdoor pillows this week. I truly appreciate it!

Have a marvelous holiday!

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Looks like you've already accomplished a bunch of items on your list! We have the most fabulous farmer's market a few blocks from my house and I NEVER go. It's on my list to do THIS WEEK! Lists are great, aren't they?

shannon i olson said...

fun post, I have been making lists like crazy because we are having company for 2 weeks, having a Southern tea, so I am making lists,lists and lists oh said that, actually crossed off a couple things....finally!!

Chris said...

Glad you have a list, I haven't even started my list yet! It may be December! LOL

Chris said...

Glad you have a list, I haven't even started my list yet! It may be December! LOL

Lori E said...

One thing to write it down, another to put it on you blog for everyone to see but good for you to being honest about not accomplishing it. I did that for my appetizers for our Christmas get together so that when I was on my blog when I should of have been cooking I had a reminder right in my face.


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